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The Angry Goose Mini Expansion will only be available through pre-order until January 19, 2020.


Welcome to the Duck Sanctuary!

Come enjoy the company of the ducks while visiting the different locations around the park.

In Ducks in Tow, you are walking around the park feeding the ducks their favourite food. When you feed them, they start following you and you must lead them to their favourite locations in the park.

When you successfully lead them to their favourite location, you take a photo with them and they waddle off to find their friends. Maybe you’ll see them again later as you continue your walk around the park.

You will be completing Location Cards that will gain you points at the end of the game. Once you have completed a few Location Cards, you might be able to claim a Formation Card, which will give you additional points at the end of the game.


Special thanks to the Playtesters who helped shape this game in a short period of time

Adrian Adamsecu, Andrei Filip, Azlen Elza, Benson Kwok, Brittany Cole, Chris Chung, Cindy Huang, Colin Kierans, Craig Bednar, Dan Kalf, Daryl Andrews, Eduardo Longo Aureliano Junior, Eric Lang, Eric Raue , Garrett Petersen, Greg Stoddard, Hoby Chou, Jason Begg, Jason Thompson, Jay Cormier, Jay Zhou, Jeremy Rozenhart, John Brieger, Jonathan Kinney, Joshua Norris, Kevin Lee, Lawson Lim, Les Cheung, Mandy Jelsma, Marcel Perro, Mark Ellis, Mark Yuasa, Mike Chang, Mike Peredo, Nathan Ngai, Nick Angiers, Nick Kitts, Pattie Shang, Pete Butler-Davis, Peter Lipson, Ross Drew, Simpson Siu, Tallahassee Bittencourt, Tammy Lyon, Tyson Gajewski, Vivian Riwa

Available Rewards:

$55CAD + Shipping

One Fowl Swoop

This pledge level gets you 1 copy of Ducks in Tow including all applicable unlocked stretch goals.

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